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Image for anime mult TO-Y

Year: 1987

Genre: drama, comedy, music

Type: ova

Producer: Hamatsu Mamoru

Autor: Kamijou Atsushi

Studio: Toei Animation

Time: 55 min

Description of TO-Y

Confrontation genres of rock and the so-called "pop" has been going on for decades, perhaps ever since, as the two areas were the scene of show business. About this "cold war" and tells the romanticized in several key small but instructive story. All would be good in life Toya,vocalist of rock group GASP, gave him no fate modeling appearance. Yes, such that the influential producer of Japanese pop music laid eyes on him and wanted to make a new "idol" of the brand, and it is for the true rocker (Kojima That is) - the shame of all life. But producers are known to be bad people,any dirty methods did not disdain, just to get their... As of this scrape, our hero climbs, music genre lovers know yourself by looking anime!

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