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Image for anime mult TO

Year: 2009

Genre: fiction, drama, adventures

Type: ova

Producer: Sori Fumihiko

Autor: Hosino Iukinobu

Studio: Aic

Time: 22 min

Description of TO

OVA two filmed stories from sci-fi manga Yukinobu Hoshino "2001 Nights". In addition, the cycle refers filmed in 1987 OVA "Space Fantasia 2001". He did his manga Hoshino in not very well-known style gekiga. Unlike entertaining manga is a form of serious comics,or as they say "graphic novel." The author took the story or idea from any major American or European fiction works, rethink and adapt them to the Japanese audience. Therefore stories quite diverse and in many respects may seem familiar to the viewer.In the first story we are talking about the difficult days of the captain of the orbital transport station "Midnight bazooka". On the back of the station long years of flying reconnaissance ship "The Flying Dutchman" with a cargo of immense value, it is very important to only just coming to himself after a devastating war mankind.But people never change. Therefore, there are always those who would like to tear off a piece of meatier for himself. In addition, some of the crew of the "Dutchman" Captain knows personally and up close... The second story explores the origin of a later time, when regular interstellar travel has become a reality.Thoroughly messed solar system people rushed into deep space in search of the necessary resources. On one of the planets almost simultaneously two powerful military bloc - combined Eurasian and American-European research base lay. The planet is very promising,but the state armed to the teeth of the Cold War does not allow the parties to agree on a plan of terraforming and colonization. To resolve conflicts on the planet arrives authorized the UN, which should become a mediator in the negotiations. In the meantime, without waiting for one of the intermediaries in biology researchers Euro-shtatovskih block Eon all of a sudden starts to build a relationship with Elena Medvedeva - the girl with the Eurasian base. All course against. Especially the "hawks" in military personnel and bases his mother Helena, but the planet still keeps a lot of mysteries, and in the laboratory Aeon happening strange state of emergency.

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