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Tiger x Dragon S.O.S.

Image for anime mult Tiger x Dragon S.O.S.

Year: 2009

Genre: shounen, daily, romance

Type: special

Producer: Nagai Tatsuyuki

Autor: Takemiya Yuyuko

Studio: J C Staff

Time: 5 min

Description of Tiger x Dragon S.O.S.

This DVD speshl the series. Reminds Shakugan no Shanatan Summary of the original series: Ryuji Takasu life out of luck. The late papasha-mobster`s son awarded by such a person, and his eyes, that if he did not look so - teachers fall into a stupor, and classmates themselves pulled out his wallet. As a result, Ryuji, whose name also means "Dragon", is considered to be the coolest in the neighborhood bully and all its avoided, except only friend, Yusaku Kitamura.But in the soul of the main character - a soft and romantic guy who also pulls on all the household, along with a parrot Inco and shiftless Mamani bargain.

Images and photos of Tiger x Dragon S.O.S.

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