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Those Who Hunt Elves II

Image for anime mult Those Who Hunt Elves II

Year: 1997

Genre: comedy, fantasy, adventures

Type: tv_series

Producer: Fukutomi Hiroshi

Autor: Yagami Yuu

Studio: Group Tac

Time: 23 min

Description of Those Who Hunt Elves II

That`s what I understand! (In contrast to the low rating for this series.) «Those Who Hunt Elves II» humdinger, very appetizing and digestible.It`s nice to watch this anime and have a whole heap of different jokes as vulgar, and quite "decent". Remarkably played with many situations that list does not make sense - it is easier to see and verify. Not a few, and hidden humor, well... maybe he is not so secretive, but not everyone will understand it the first time. And the banter out there,where it is - it is to be commended! Yes, the show funny and exciting, looks at one go and do not for a moment does not allow you to feel bored (of course, there are those who like bullshit this anime does not longer be able to call, but it`s their own problem).

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