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This Boy Caught a Merman

Image for anime mult This Boy Caught a Merman

Year: 2012

Genre: boys, romance, drama

Type: ova

Producer: Yamamoto Soubi

Autor: Midorikawa Yuki

Studio: Comix Wave Films Inc

Time: 29 min

Description of This Boy Caught a Merman

As they say, look before you leap - cut once. Only Bezbashenny daredevil without hesitation dive in deep waters, not knowing how to swim. Well,or Shima Kawauchi, who tried to save the remains of the deceased grandfather. From certain death Man rescued by a mysterious stranger, who turned out the most that there is a real newt! Chimay, everywhere and always feel at ease, it seemed fateful meeting. Young man and Triton quickly became friends. But things are not so simple in life...Shima and Isak are well aware that they are - from different worlds. whether their relationship will be able to overcome all difficulties on its way?

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