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There Goes Tomoe

Image for anime mult There Goes Tomoe

Year: 1991

Genre: drama, adventures, romance

Type: ova

Producer: Ishiyama Takaaki

Autor: Tamura Yumi

Studio: Animate

Time: 42 min

Description of There Goes Tomoe

The girl, who has suffered a nervous breakdown, woke up after a while, she took to help people,who calls himself her physician. But it turns out that the place where the girl is not a clinic, but the real terrorist organization whose task sow discord and anarchy. She learns that her " doctor " is that if either one brother (does not matter), the main thing that he wanted to kill him, she learns about it from a journalist,which shows a girl that is stored in warehouses is not coffee, and ammo, explosives, etc... a journalist is killed, after which Tomoe, the main character, runs under heavy fire, her path meets a random guy who can help her... (shorter more see for yourself,who understands) the thing is full of all sorts of action and stunts on roller skates in the performance of the protagonist...

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