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The Wild Swans

Image for anime mult The Wild Swans

Year: 1977

Genre: forchildren, fairy_tale

Type: short

Producer: Nishizawa Nobutaka

Autor: Hans Christian Andersen

Studio: Toei Animation

Time: 62 min

Description of The Wild Swans

In an evil hour widowed King meets while hunting in the woods an old witch,that cunning marries him to his daughter, also a witch. Six sons of the king, princes, brothers, stepmother transforms into swans. Their sister Eliza saw what happened and escape, fled into the forest. To destroy witchcraft evil queen witch, she silently weaves brothers chainmail shirt - nettle - shirt for a year. To save the brothers,Eliza does not dare to speak or when he meets a beautiful young love her king, not even when the insidious witch accuses her of witchcraft, and she faces a fire. This anime Full Movies have been made based on two stories of love, devotion and courage - Hans Christian Andersen`s " The Wild Swans " and the Brothers Grimm "Six Swans ".

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