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The Tyrant Who Fall In Love

Image for anime mult The Tyrant Who Fall In Love

Year: 2010

Genre: romance, comedy, boys

Type: ova

Producer: Kavakubo Keidzi

Autor: Takanaga Hinako

Studio: Primetime

Time: 30 min

Description of The Tyrant Who Fall In Love

"Interesting,whether the shelf life of love? "- thinks to himself Agricultural University student Tetsuhiro Morinaga think so because for five years now hopelessly in love with his senpai -.. Soichi Tatsumi and I think so... as a reason to hope at least some kind of relationship to be It can not, for Morinaga has managed to fall in love with ardent homophobe.Soichi Tatsumi - tyrant and despot. Rough, smoking, kicking his kohaya about and no, not hesitating to slap, and making plans to blow up America for the fact that there have legalized same-sex marriage... but that does not interfere with Morinaga love him. I hope not?... And if fate, in the face of a friend, the bartender will throw him a chance?.. And only once everything goes exactlyMorinaga like that... if he wanted to use his chance, and what are the consequences..?

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