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The Twelve Kingdoms

Image for anime mult The Twelve Kingdoms

Year: 2002

Genre: fantasy, comedy, history

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kobayashi Tsuneo

Autor: Ono Fuyumi

Studio: Studio Pierrot

Time: 25 min

Description of The Twelve Kingdoms

Twelve Kingdoms - a parallel world that exists on the edge of our reality. In this world, a bizarre mixture of Chinese mythology, the ideas of Confucius and Lao - tzu, the children born from the fruit of the sacred tree, in the darkness of night prowling demonsand the ruler of the power is firm, because consecrated skies one on whom falls the choice of the sacred beast Kirin acquires divine authority and eternal life. Gods, monsters, animal- - is a familiar routine, and Will of Heaven, Heaven Kara - obvious and inevitable. In this strange world from time to time there are newcomers who do not know the language and laws,they call their homeland Japan. One of these newcomers had become reluctant Yoko Nakajima, an ordinary Japanese high school student, one of the main characters of the story. All her life she tried to be an exemplary student, an excellent student, a class prefect. Even Yoko Nakajima red hair dyed to " be like everyone else."I fell into lies next to our world of the Twelve Kingdoms - and realized that it was all in vain. What is the meaning of a hypocrite, if you`re so others do not need it - do not try to kill the counter, so to rob, to rob, so float away because of unknown strangers is nothing but trouble, do not wait.In the battle for his life and the true meaning of Yoko I realized: we must be honest and stake is the fate throws a heavy lot - weigh everything and decide whether to accept it or not. Well, if adopted - it is necessary to go through...

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