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The Sacred blacksmith

Image for anime mult The Sacred blacksmith

Year: 2009

Genre: fantasy, seinen, adventures

Type: tv_series

Producer: Hidaka Masamitsu

Autor: Kobayashi Hiyoko

Studio: Manglobe Inc

Time: 24 min

Description of The Sacred blacksmith

Once this world war shook the violations of the Covenant, where people fought demons. At the cost of enormous sacrifices, they were banished, but... a few years of peace have not decided what the hard way is satisfied Cecilia Campbell - young knight of the free trade city Haustaun. The first serious bout her family sword broke,and saved her unknown guy who owns authentic Japanese katana. The man, moreover, was not a simple blacksmith and heir of the great master. However, Luke Ainsworth (that was his name) remained deaf to the insistent requests of Cecilia fix it or forge a new sword, but who can resist the beautiful long and persistent girl? And then,as expected, started the adventure, battles with demons, traveling with capricious princess, skeletons in the closet, tearing off the covers with a dark past and all that is necessary in a fantasy anime. Guess what`s missing? This, too, will be!

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