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The Rolling Girls

Image for anime mult The Rolling Girls

Year: 2015

Genre: adventures, daily

Type: tv_series

Producer: Oohata Kouichi

Autor: Takeda Hiromitsu

Studio: Wit Studio

Time: 25 min

Description of The Rolling Girls

Ten years have passed since the Great War, Tokyo, which resulted in all prefectures in Japan broke apart and became independent states. Each nation is ruled by an elected monarch, called "prophet", and there is an army in the event of an attack on other countries and protection, which the participants called "mobs." Girls Nozomi, Yukina,Au and Chiaya - "mobs" from Saitama clan, the prophet that they have to travel across the expanses of Japan on motorcycles as intermediaries in the battles between the different peoples.

Images and photos of The Rolling Girls

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Anime The Rolling G
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