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The Piano Forest

Image for anime mult The Piano Forest

Year: 2007

Genre: music, drama, seinen

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kojima Masayuki

Autor: Isshiki Makoto

Studio: Madhouse Studios

Time: 101 min

Description of The Piano Forest

The film about teenagers who love to play the piano. Hooligan Itinose Kai accidentally found this instrument in the woods near the house. The second character -brilliantly educated son of the famous pianist Amamiya Syuuhey recently moved to the city. The two boys become friends, and Syuuhey Kaya pushes to develop their musical talents. And especially after they learned that the previous owner was a piano Adzino Soske, a talented music teacher at their school. But the better the Kai,the more the growing rivalry between the friends, both strive to win a musical competition. Syuuheya Envy affects its playing techniques, and Kai - whether he will be able to create their own music, unique, like those found in the woods piano?

Images and photos of The Piano Forest

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