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The King of Pigs

Image for anime mult The King of Pigs

Year: 2011

Genre: seinen, psychology, drama

Type: not_japanese

Producer: Oonuma Shin

Autor: Hikawa Hekiru

Studio: Shaft|gansis

Time: 97 min

Description of The King of Pigs

Originally from childhood... very difficult childhood,Two friends decide to meet many years later, after graduating from high school, where they had a very hard time. It was there that they first encountered inequality in society, and the way is not easy to have to someone who only meat for those who are a step higher. That`s where they meet Chёla - a guy who spit on the established order, ready to gnaw the pharynxWho barks at him. About the ill child and the struggle for survival school outcast classmates sadistic tormenting those who are weaker than them.

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