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The Idolmaster

Image for anime mult The Idolmaster

Year: 2011

Genre: comedy, adventures, music

Type: tv_series

Producer: Nishigori Atsushi

Autor: Ayatsuji Yukito

Studio: A Pictures Inc

Time: 25 min

Description of The Idolmaster

Everyone knows that the "Star Factory" was invented in Japan! It was there in the 1970s of the most common boys and girls began to massively create "aydoru" - youth idols.In this turbulent flow is already today a peaceful haven and money is desperately looking for a small production company "Studio 765", it "765-pro." Guide connects high hopes with the arrival of a young producer, which should help Ritsuko manager, despite his youth - the former idol and a veteran of the business, and whose secretary, reliable,as a rock. There was one small thing - to unleash imparted dozen local talent! So, for the agency work twelve girls from 13 to 20 years, from different families, with a variety of characters, habits, strengths and weaknesses. And the motives of each of their - someone earns a living, and someone wants to provethat is able to succeed without the help of influential relatives. Combine all the characters abilities and love for music, singing and dancing. That`s just the way the stage is not easy, and friendly team will have to start small, just to the rural festivals, moving forward gradually, even slightly "stretched" on the road.Friendship and talent still gather all together!

Images and photos of The Idolmaster

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