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The God Of Poverty is!

Image for anime mult The God Of Poverty is!

Year: 2012

Genre: shounen, comedy, school

Type: tv_series

Producer: Fujita Youichi

Autor: Sukeno Yoshiaki

Studio: Sunrise

Time: 25 min

Description of The God Of Poverty is!

At 16-year-old Sakura ITIC has everything - health, beauty, wealth and good brains under the shell ash blonde.The reason is understandable - Sakura has the ability to attract the "energy of happiness", adding a considerable margin from birth and even a stranger fortune. This vampirism brings unhappiness to others - in the end the girl alone, to live only in the old butler, has no friends and thinks the other second-class beings. Goddess woes Momiji comesto correct the imbalance - and the move tolerate insulting fiasco! ITIC is not so simple - in her veins, it seems, the blood of the gods of fortune that can not only fight on equal terms with the celestial guest, but also from the heart call her punt! Well, the goddess of hurry, and she moved on to a systematic assault on the siege, trying to study your enemy,its strengths and weaknesses. Constant fights have gone to benefit both the heroines, one has found the will and the motivation, and the other began to think and work on themselves. Momiji understood that instead of a rough devastation to help his new friend, and perhaps a distant relative, gradually become easier and better. Before ITIC also become to realize that life is more funif you spend a blessing fate not only on themselves. Otherwise, what is the energy of happiness, if there is nobody to even eat birthday cake?!

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