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The Glass Mask

Image for anime mult The Glass Mask

Year: 1984

Genre: romance, drama, shoujo

Type: tv_series

Producer: Sugii Gisaburo

Autor: Miuchi Suzue

Studio: Eiken

Time: 24 min

Description of The Glass Mask

Maya Kitajima - normal schoolgirl: lives in Yokohama, studies and works part-time in a restaurant; not especially clever, not too beautiful and has no distinguishing marks and characteristics, except for one thing - passion for the theater. For tickets to the "Lady of the Camellias" May smashed unprecedented number of orders in the New Year`s Eve with a swim in the icy water.In the eyes of Maya, it was worth it! because she saw his eyes glittering Utaka Himekavu as Marguerite Gautier...... A very Maya, a girl, ready to do anything for the fate of the actress, saw Tigusa Tsukikage, faded star of the Japanese scene. Twenty years ago, he crashed disfigured diva spotlight, breaking off her glorious career. And with Tsukikage-san has sunk into oblivion and the famous drama "Crimson Goddess" Itirena Ozaki, who gave the right to the best performer of his masterpiece starring.

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