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The Future Diary

Image for anime mult The Future Diary

Year: 2011

Genre: psychology, adventures, ecchi

Type: tv_series

Producer: Hosoda Naoto

Autor: Esuno Sakae

Studio: Asread

Time: 24 min

Description of The Future Diary

14 -year-old Amano Yukiteru lived alone, without much parental attention, no one touching and considering himself just an observer of the world.And what kind of an observer without a track log, or at least a diary? Here Yucca and kept it regularly on the mobile phone, the school earned a reputation as a harmless fool. But the opinions of others hero did not care, because he spoke from the heart with only an imaginary friend Deus, by profession - the god of our universe.God loved the simple Japanese guy and often shared with him the wise thoughts. As a result, the student found the phone `s ability to predict events and turned into a " Future Diary ", and the main character became a member of " battle royal ". According to the Deus twelve holders of " diaries " have 90 days to meet and destroy each other,that there was only one - he will replace God in the post, becoming the new Creator. Yuki often became a target for the other " owners ", but loving it often saves Juno and kill rivals. Yukiteru finally finds friends. Throughout the time Yuki decided: Juno or the other... In the end it turns out that... Juno

Images and photos of The Future Diary

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