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the End has come

Image for anime mult the End has come


Genre: action, music, drama

Type: amv

Producer: Yamada Katsuhisa

Autor: Mutsuki Juuzou

Studio: Satelight

Time: 3 min

Description of the End has come

Author`s comment: I decided to present an alternative history of the gardens sinners.In the city people start getting killed, responsibility for which lies with the Asagami Fujino. Toko makes the task Shiki pacify her ardor, but she with her their scores. Asagami behind Shiki twisted romance with Kokuto. That`s had a chance to take revenge on both Ryougi. 3rd my work experience, as you can see is not large, but decided to take part in this competition.The video turned out simple, but in my opinion very interesting. Because the effects of using color correction, noise, so shake. P.S. In order to avoid problems at the end, Fujio Kirie - it is overgrown and emaciated in a hospital Asagami.:)

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