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The Cockpit

Image for anime mult The Cockpit

Year: 1993

Genre: history, seinen, war

Type: ova

Producer: Takahashi Ryousuke

Autor: Matsumoto Leiji

Studio: Madhouse Studios

Time: 25 min

Description of The Cockpit

Great movie. Great anime about a real war.On the all-out war that has engulfed half of the planet, and about the people who fought in the war. All war is not shown for the inability to have shown a few things, most of them are not fictitious. The film is not about heroes perform feats for the feat, but a simple soldier, in this case - the pilots. The first episode of the most beautiful and stylish three, But also the weak through the story - too bombastic and melodramatic, and otkrovnnaya fiction it does not decorate. In addition, we have experienced the hard way all the Nordic Knights, beat them, so do not feel special piiteta before them. The second episode - the most powerful in the project. Here there`s really a fight, without unnecessary doubts and reflections.It is unlikely that the pilot Man asked whether he wants to fly Oka? At the end of the war has not been a kamikaze volunteers. But he did not deny, though, seems to have understood the hopelessness of the case. Interesting words about what it would be like had he lived another thirty years. Yes, dreams and plans before the war in all had a lot of.Excellent shown dogfights. Japanese A6M and G4 against American F6. From dueling combat fighter in the classic dog -fight over the ocean. There valor and personal skills particularly inferior to the coherence of group actions, numerical superiority and technical characteristics. War winning numbers. The third episode is great.Nothing complicated. Simple like the story of ordinary soldiers, not brave samurai. That`s just position them hopeless, and most importantly useless. Here it is easy to choose, how to dispose of life and death. Such is the film.

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Cockpit anime (OVA) (The Cockpit) 1993 O
Anime Cockpit (The Cock
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watch free anime Cockpit (The Cockpit The Cockpit
Watch Free Anime Cockpit (The Cockpit The Cockpit
watch free anime Cockpit (The Cockpit The Cockpit