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The Big O

Image for anime mult The Big O

Year: 1999

Genre: fiction, action, drama

Type: tv_series

Producer: Katayama Kazuyoshi

Autor: Yatate Hajime

Studio: Sunrise

Time: 23 min

Description of The Big O

The main character of this stylish retro detective, combines the features of film noir, steampunk and fur - Roger Smith, a former policeman turned- mediators.When negotiating and arranging deals between the government, citizens and criminals, he is often faced with dishonesty and unprofessional, but what to do - people need his help! Roger buys the information itself is involved in the investigation, gets into a shootout, and often risk their lives. Fortunately,it has a dedicated butler Norman and luxury limousine, equipped with many clever devices, which is able to rescue his master from almost any scrape. If the problem goes beyond the usual hassles out of the ground rises " Big O" - a huge robot,whose noble deeds are accompanied by considerable destruction. Grim Paradigm City, where the unfolding story, called " forgetful city": forty years ago all the people and even androids suddenly struck by total amnesia. Now mankind has been trying to gain its former power, and Paradigm City - the last place,where civilization was preserved. Sometimes some citizens back memories, which eventually wraps trouble. In addition, the city has a lot of criminals, and Roger - Mediator enough worries. Everything is complicated when his life appears the girl android, surprisingly similar to man, and a mysterious blonde named Angel...

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