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Terra Formars: Revenge

Image for anime mult Terra Formars: Revenge

Year: 2016

Genre: fiction, horrors, science_fiction

Type: tv_series

Producer: Fukuda Michio

Autor: Tachibana Kenichi

Studio: Tyo Animations|lidenfilms

Time: 24 min

Description of Terra Formars: Revenge

21 century. The scientists task: to develop a program for the development of the planet for human resettlement.They came up with a simple and cost-effective plan to submit the mold and cockroaches - dead bodies of cockroaches and sunlight serve as energy sources for mold. In the yard in 2577. In order to continue the mission to Mars landed the first spacecraft with six crew members. The first thing they saw - a giant,mutated and incredibly strong humanoid cockroaches. Before his death, the pioneers managed to send a message about what they saw on Earth. To return to Mars mankind new elite warriors sent to battle with mutant bugs.

Images and photos of Terra Formars: Revenge

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