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Terra Formars

Image for anime mult Terra Formars

Year: 2014

Genre: adventures, fiction, science_fiction

Type: tv_series

Producer: Hamasaki Hiroshi

Autor: Sasuga Yuu

Studio: Lidenfilms

Time: 24 min

Description of Terra Formars

A screen adaptation of the science-fiction action manga Terra Formars. Lifeless planet Mars became the object of scientific study of humanity.Genetics was sent to her mold samples and a variety of species of cockroaches to see if they can settle down there. It took 5 centuries since then. Expedition scientists and soldiers are sent to Mars for research results. And what did they find there? Giant beetles mutants live on this planet. They destroyed the whole team,but also information on the current situation could send to Earth. Now, humanity sends a special squad combat soldiers insects. These people are capable of making the appearance of insects.

Images and photos of Terra Formars

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