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Tekkon Kinkreet

Image for anime mult Tekkon Kinkreet

Year: 2006

Genre: seinen, fantasy, psychology

Type: ova

Producer: Michael Arias

Autor: Matsumoto Taiyo

Studio: Studio C

Time: 110 min

Description of Tekkon Kinkreet

The futuristic world of wealth of the city (Treasure Town), which is inhabited by two boys orphans, built on the greatest contrast: sometimes life here shows its gifts, and sometimes it can do very badly.Day and night, the characters are forced to wander the streets in search of ways to earn money. But the colors are gathering when Black & White - are related mission: to fight and win from intruders who dream to take over power in the metropolis, what is considered the soul of the City and to save themselves.

Images and photos of Tekkon Kinkreet

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