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Tegami Bachi Reverse

Image for anime mult Tegami Bachi Reverse

Year: 2010

Genre: drama, fantasy, adventures

Type: tv_series

Producer: Iwanaga Akira

Autor: Asada Hiroyuki

Studio: Studio Pierrot

Time: 21 min

Description of Tegami Bachi Reverse

Above Amber country still dim light artificial sun, but the fate of the characters of the first season there was a lot of rapid change. Young Lag Cean has become a full-fledged "postal bee", I got acquainted with all members of Hive and with true Nichi made many perilous journeys.Although the mystery of their own mother`s disappearance and origin clearly did not, the protagonist feels a little bit, but closer to the goal. Settling in Silvett Sueyd and get to know her missing sister, friend and savior, Lag gave another oath - to return to her brother. But it was not so easy...In the life of Amber countries increasingly intervene mysterious anti-government organization "Reverse", whose leaders seem to hold the secrets of the past. The organization quickly recruit supporters in dark areas where people hate the masters of life, who have entrenched themselves in the City of Dawn. Ghosh Sueyd, lost his memory,becomes Marauder - Reverse one of the mercenaries who hunt for postal bees in search of information. So meeting Laga and Nichi with Ghosh and his new co-worker Rhoda came far from happy, but it launched a millstone destiny that will bring the second season of the audience a lot of interesting!

Images and photos of Tegami Bachi Reverse

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Tegami Bachi REVERSE 01amp02 – Promise amp Underwear and Bread  Neon ..._18
Tegami Bachi REVERSE 01amp02 – Promise amp Underwear and Bread  Neon ..._19
Tegami Bachi REVERSE 01amp02 – Promise amp Underwear and Bread  Neon ..._27
Tegami Bachi REVERSE 05amp06 – Reverse World amp The Little Girl Doll ..._15
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Anime Postal bee [TV 2] (Tegami Bachi Reve
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