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Tears to Tiara

Image for anime mult Tears to Tiara

Year: 2009

Genre: seinen, adventures, fantasy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kobayashi Tomoki

Autor: Machida Doko

Studio: White Fox

Time: 25 min

Description of Tears to Tiara

On the green island of Erin, populated Gaelic tribes invading troops of the Holy Empire. Senate, funky prophecy, sent a high priest forever Dorvka sharpen sleeping somewhere in Erin demon lord Aravna hour of awakening is at hand.In fact, the wily priest conceived quite another - personally wake the demon lord and receive him as a token of gratitude the supreme power, and destroy all enemies. Clearly, the need for a dark case of human sacrifice - and Empire soldiers attacking a small village, using the fact that all the men of the tribe to hunt. Capturing priestess Rhiannona descendant of the Elven Kings, Dorvk and his men enter the cave Aravna and begin the ritual, and the Gaelic warriors gave chase, hopelessly late... But nobody thought Aravn, in the past - a rebellious angel, is not going to devour offered sacrifice and destroy the world.For a thousand years imprisonment former ruler of demons changed and now wants to at least partially atone for sins of the past. At first glance he fell in love with the beautiful and brave Rhiannon and decided to help her and her people. Standing at the head of the union Gaelic tribes and the few remaining Elves Aravn, Rhiannon and her brother Arthur start to struggle with a ruthless empire. Tiara,a symbol of imperial power, will be defeated!

Images and photos of Tears to Tiara

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