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Tattoon Master

Image for anime mult Tattoon Master

Year: 1996

Genre: adventures, comedy, mysticism

Type: ova

Producer: Hirokawa Shuuichi

Autor: Yanari Akihisa

Studio: Aic

Time: 30 min

Description of Tattoon Master

Tell me how you would have behavedIf in your school years, you do not know where a young sorceress fell charming belonging to the mysterious and little- known people, and announced that from now on she is your wife? Say this does not happen, because it can not be? You`re wrong. Maybe, at least in the anime. In such a situation was Hibio.Who is he? Well, as you say - a simple, ordinary schoolboy. Just do not have to do a discontented face and with a grunt, " Again, these OYaShi " to delete the file. You risk missing a very entertaining and funny story. However, first things first. So, out of the blue on the head Hibio falls, neither more nor less,a charming and delightful priestess mysterious tribe Tattun and declares himself his wife. Do you think the guy happy? Again, wrong. For him, the young deva- that eyesore. From which it is necessary to get rid. But the point of view Hibio does not share his father, not to mention the mother izfor a man, and was in such a delicate situation. And yet... But wait, as it will be interesting to watch. I will say one thing for such a standard complication lurking fun and even something a cautionary tale. And that tie the rustic, so it does not matter. As one of the classics in the literature there are only ten basic plots,all the rest is only variations thereof. Perhaps, in the anime Tattoon Master these ten basic motives entwined. Here the history of love and war, and search, and many other motives, woven into a coherent narrative. Comedy immediately adjacent to the magic touch of mysticism and perfectly fit into the framework of the school `s history.And all this is woven together in order to give us a few tens of minutes of good mood.

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