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Tamayura: More Aggressive

Image for anime mult Tamayura: More Aggressive

Year: 2013

Genre: daily, school

Type: tv_series

Producer: Satou Junichi

Autor: Satou Junichi

Studio: Tyo Animations

Time: 25 min

Description of Tamayura: More Aggressive

The story is a continuation of the history of Fuu Sawatari whose father died. After much thought, she removes to light his father`s old camera and is completely immersed in the world of photography. And let her pictures are not so good,as the work of his father, Fuu gets pleasure from this activity. She and her mother returned to the city Takeharu, where she spent her childhood and her father`s childhood, where everything about him recalls. In Takehare, quiet town, located between the Cascade Mountains and the sea, Fuu meets an old school friend and new friends,to help the girl find a spark of happiness. And what you do not see the ordinary eye, fix the camera lens, flushing fleeting bright flame. Beautiful nature, good adventure, healing of the soul - all this girl meet in his hometown.

Images and photos of Tamayura: More Aggressive

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