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Tales of the Abyss

Image for anime mult Tales of the Abyss

Year: 2008

Genre: drama, adventures, comedy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kodama Kenji

Autor: Uehashi Nahoko

Studio: Sunrise

Time: 25 min

Description of Tales of the Abyss

Luke von Fabre - a spoiled young nobleman, son of the Duke grew up in the palace of the parents in the kingdom Kimlaska.Next to him a true friend Guy Cecil, who takes care of him, and wise Van Grants from the Order of Lorelei, Luke skills training sword fighting. In addition, there is a bride, with whom he betrothed since birth. But it is for him as a stranger, because Luke`s memory of childhood was completely lost afterseven years ago, he was kidnapped by the enemy Kimlaski - Empire Markus.Odnazhdy while training Luke encounters a girl named Tia. There is a reaction to the mysterious seventh phonon - and Luke, along with Tia transferred away from Kimlaski. Now they have to go back and find out along the way,for what purpose Tia broke into the palace, and why his captors deprived Luke pamyati.Nadvigaetsya new war, which is drawn into the Order of Lorelei, and travelers now and then have to defend themselves from the attacks of monsters and magicians. The young man, accustomed to the wealthy and carefree life,forced to learn a lot of new friends and learn about the mysteries of the world.

Images and photos of Tales of the Abyss

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