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Tales of Eternia

Image for anime mult Tales of Eternia

Year: 2001

Genre: shounen, comedy, adventures

Type: tv_series

Producer: Ueda Shigeru

Autor: Kawasaki Hiroyuki

Studio: Xebec|production I G

Time: 21 min

Description of Tales of Eternia

Ordinary world is in danger, and as always there is a group of heroes to save all living things, but on the road they stand worst enemies... And it is not in itself the goal, and even on the road. The action takes place in the world and with characters of the same game,but most likely this story did not appear in the game, otherwise it would be boring. Talk about the story is difficult, but it is about the adventures of superheroes next to a small island.

Images and photos of Tales of Eternia

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Legends Eterna watch anime online Russian ozvuc