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Tales from Earthsea

Image for anime mult Tales from Earthsea

Year: 2006

Genre: adventures, fantasy, drama

Type: ova

Producer: Miyazaki Gorou

Autor: Ursula K Le Guin

Studio: Ghibli

Time: 115 min

Description of Tales from Earthsea

Universal equilibrium is disturbed. Dreamland Earthsea is in danger. The world of magic on the verge of extinction. Dragons that live in the West limit, suddenly appear in the east, in the realm of humans.Archmage Falcon (real name - Ged) goes to look for the root cause of trouble and met Allen, Prince Enlad. Allen has committed a grave sin: killing the father and escaped from his native land, chased by shadow. Together they come to the capital - North Town. Two travelers find shelter in the house of the White Lady - Tenar Ged old friend.Even as a girl, it was the high priestess Tenar - the guardian of the dark Tombs Atuan. After Ged restored Ring Errett-Akbe from the Tomb, he also delivered Tenar, showing her the unknown world of freedom and light...

Images and photos of Tales from Earthsea

30 Years of Ghibli The Tales from Earthsea  ENTROPY_1
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Tales From Earthsea   city of Hort Town  art  Pinterest  Cities ..._15
Tales From Earthsea Film Review  It Rains... You Get Wet_21
Tales From Earthsea   Official Trailer   YouTube_11
Tales from Earthsea Review  Wizard Dojo_2
Tales From Earthsea  trailer US (2010)   YouTube_3
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