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Image for anime mult Tactics

Year: 2004

Genre: kemonobito, adventures, drama

Type: tv_series

Producer: Watanabe Hiroshi

Autor: Higashiyama Kazuko|kinoshita Sakura

Studio: Studio Deen

Time: 24 min

Description of Tactics

"Tactics " plunges us into the world of Japanese mythology. Kantaro Tin from an early age had the ability to see spirits and communicate with them. Even then, they told him of the existence of the legendary Tengu (humanoid spirit of the mountains, having wings,high growth and great strength), exceeding the strength of the Japanese evil demons they, which is sealed in a safe place (like a genie in a bottle). And since Kantaro obsessed find this tengu- " devourer of demons " and make friends with him. As an adult, he is officially engaged ethnography, but true to his craft becomes expulsion of the evil they. One day, during a session of the expulsion of another demon Kantaro encounters the tomb, where sealed the same Tengu. He manages to break the seal, and Tengu receives from him the name Haruka. Demons follow the person who gave them the name, and so created the glorious union Kantaro and Haruka. They and faithful girlfriend Kantaro lisichke-Yoko demon will have to face off with not one, they...

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