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Sword Art Online

Image for anime mult Sword Art Online

Year: 2012

Genre: action, fiction, romance

Type: tv_series

Producer: Ito Tomohiko

Autor: Kawahara Reki

Studio: A Pictures Inc

Time: 25 min

Description of Sword Art Online

In 2022 there was a sensation - Japanese genius created the first VR-MMORPG, the game with absolute virtual reality. Not surprisingly, Sword Art Online has gained wide popularity. 10 thousand people of different sex and age,who got the first edition, November 6, 2022 and were put neurohelmet in the game world, and more precisely in the starting city, in the middle of the 1st floor of the fortress stourovnevoy Aynkrad. But then the crafty creator, who appeared in the form of a huge faceless figure in a red cloak, and told the awful truth: the button " Exit Game " has been removed from the menu,and the only way to get back - is to go through all 100 levels and kill the last boss. " Death of the game means death in the real world " - with these words the evil genius left, and after a while the players have realized the full horror of his situation. Players react differently: who fell into despair, who began to gather in groups, and someoneI decided to become a loner. The latter hit and Kirito. Being a beta tester and experienced player, Kirito quickly progressed and became known as the Black Swordsman. On the one hand, the guy side of communication, not wanting more and start to lose loved ones; the other - in a game live and to be free of persons impossible, particularly from sucha beauty on Asuna nicknamed Lightning! In general, while that Kirito, Asuna, other heroes and villains fight in the forefront, and we believe that they will be not only the SAO, but also a lot of interesting games and worlds!

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Master Sword Online Sword Art Online Anime images Anguis
Master Sword Online Sword Art Online Anime images Anguis
Master Sword Online Sword Art Online Anime images Anguis
Master Sword Online Sword Art Online Anime images Anguis