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Sushi Police

Image for anime mult Sushi Police

Year: 2016

Genre: comedy, police

Type: tv_series

Producer: Momen Tatsushi

Autor: Akahori Satoru

Studio: Studio C|madhouse Studios|bee Train

Time: 4 min

Description of Sushi Police

After the last Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020, the world began to land the super - popular dish. But what about all the crappy psevdosushi?

Images and photos of Sushi Police

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Mystery Animation Teaser Site Open for 「SUSHI POLICE」 – Waku ..._18
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We Will Not Abide Bad Sushi!”   CG Anime “Sushi Police” Teaser Posted_8
Anime State Control Sushi Sushi Police watch online downloa
Anime Sushi police (Season 1) watch online free Sushi Po
Download Cartoon Sushi State Control Season 1 Sushi Police (2016
watch free anime police Sushi (Sushi Police) online at