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Strike Witches [TV-2]

Image for anime mult Strike Witches [TV-2]

Year: 2010

Genre: fiction, kemonobito, girls

Type: tv_series

Producer: Takamura Kazuhiro

Autor: Shimada Fumikane

Studio: Aic Spirits

Time: 25 min

Description of Strike Witches [TV-2]

In parallel to the ground,for the development of our world like the middle of the XX century, were the mysterious invaders-Nevroi. Their attacks devastated the whole country, and the usual earthly weapons were powerless against the aliens. Salvation came from the Commonwealth of science and magic in the form of "assault witches" - young girlsGifted with magical powers, and using hybrid twin witches mortars and combat fighter. Recent united country opponents and sent the best of the best in the legendary 501-th pivot squadron, which won the Battle of Britain and cleared the Nevroev Western Europe. It took six months.The main character Yoshiko Miyafudzi returned to their homeland in the Fuso Empire, graduated from high school and prepare for a career in the family clinic healer. Here it and found the new twists of fate: a letter from his father, a long time missing, and the message of the second impact Nevroev, now in southern Europe. Had pacifist Yoshiko again to return to the service,that together with old friends to protect his beloved planet and finally to understand his father`s disappearance. And with Nevroyami it`s time to make friends - in the spirit of Nanohi Takamati!

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