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Strike Witches [TV-1]

Image for anime mult Strike Witches [TV-1]

Year: 2008

Genre: fiction, adventures, seinen

Type: tv_series

Producer: Takamura Kazuhiro

Autor: Shimada Fumikane

Studio: Gonzo Digimation

Time: 25 min

Description of Strike Witches [TV-1]

Somewhere in a parallel world in 1939 at the Earth were Nevroi - soulless flying machines, able only to sow death and destruction. Countries of the two blocks,before standing on the threshold of World War I, immediately joined together to counter the unknown aggressor. And what? Any traditional weapons mid XX century newcomers uneasy - armada of aircraft, navy, land armies simply swept into oblivion. Coping with Nevroyami can only fusion of science and magic - a miracle weapon,like a hybrid dual witches mortars and combat aircraft. Using them can, of course, very young girls, endowed with magical powers, who from all over the world flock to the last bastion of the Earth - a rocky island in the English Channel. Incidentally, the weapon requires close contact with the body,therefore authorized shape group "Assault witches" are jacket and pants...! Anime devoted weekdays harsh struggle "witches" detachment alien-Nevroyami, difficult relationships in the women`s team, which in the first series joins newcomer - 14-year-old Yoshiko Miyafudzi island of Fuso Empire. Yoshiko pacifist,whose main gift is healing, gradually understands that one can not stand aloof from the battle. Interestingly, nationality, character and ability of each of the 11 characters "Assault witches" are based on real prototypes - the best air aces of World.

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