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Strike the Blood

Image for anime mult Strike the Blood

Year: 2013

Genre: vampires, action, shounen

Type: tv_series

Producer: Sano Takao Director|yamamoto Hideyo

Autor: Mikumo Gakuto

Studio: Silver Link

Time: 24 min

Description of Strike the Blood

Mankind has entered into with demonic forces ironclad peace treaty, which is the name of evil and undead assured three True Ancestor, the higher the vampire princes. Only a few people know,that there is a fourth ancestor, the strongest vampire in history, and that very narrow circle known that she, or the will of fate, whether at its own whim, recently handed over his spirit and power of Japanese high school students Kojo Akatsuki. Man in an instant become a threat to the global balance and, realizing this,She struggles to keep the familiar life, without opening any old friends or younger sister Nagisa. He is trying something he tries, but who would believe this?!

Images and photos of Strike the Blood

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