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Strange Dawn

Image for anime mult Strange Dawn

Year: 2000

Genre: adventures, drama, fantasy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Koumoto Shougo

Autor: Satou Junichi

Studio: Hal Film Maker

Time: 23 min

Description of Strange Dawn

Two schoolgirls are in a parallel world populated by chibi - humans that the girls on his knee. Do you think that will be fun magical adventure? Do not guess. Magic anime bit.But at chibikov full medieval feuds, and they cut each other for a sweet soul. The girls barely touched, because they believe to be gods. But to get them to want to both kingdoms involved in konflikte.Anime devotes more time to the locals than schoolgirls. And, despite the amusing sight of these people,problems in the series dealt serious. It should be noted that the director of the anime Princess Tutu then put the series, known for even more " brutal " in a rather nice package (c) VladimIrVY,.

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