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Image for anime mult Steins;Gate

Year: 2011

Genre: romance, fiction, gender_affair

Type: tv_series

Producer: Satou Takuya

Autor: Nakashima Kazuki

Studio: White Fox

Time: 24 min

Description of Steins;Gate

Akihabara - Interesting Placesinhabited by all sorts of people - from slightly shifted in phase to the sick on his head. It is this company has gathered in the " Lab Gadgets of the Future ", which over the shop of old TVs. It is headed by a "mad scientist", 18 -year-old Rintaro Okabe aka Ocarina, this exuberant and a fighter with the world conspiracy.The serious business is impossible without a hacker - and that`s it, Itaru Hasid, of course, the fat man, and a true otaku. Fairy Godmother lab - Mayuri Shiina, a childhood friend Rintaro waitress Maid cafes and cosplay fan, and scientific power of the team dramatically improved the young genius Chris Makise, stoskovavshayasya for intellectual adventure, and simple human warmth.

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