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Image for anime mult Steamboy

Year: 2004

Genre: science_fiction, history, steampunk

Type: ova

Producer: Otomo Katsuhiro

Autor: Otomo Katsuhiro

Studio: Sunrise

Time: 126 min

Description of Steamboy

Victorian England middle of the XIX century. Ray Steam (Steam - steam in English) - in the form of an ordinary boy, what many thousands. But his grandfather and his father,Lloyd and Edward Stim - outstanding inventors of machines driven by steam, and at the very Steam Jr. board books are technical manuals, and toys - Parts of the boiler. While the father and grandfather of the years lost overseas,improving energy release technology highly compressed vapor, with the generous financial support of the major producer of weapons from America Group O`Hara, Ray lives quietly with his mother in his native Manchester. But his serene world is shattered when the house bring the package to the newest invention, the incentive - the steam ball,a small spherical device, containing a huge energy potential. Do not have time, he opened the lid, as it is sinister-looking thugs, trying to take away a wonderful device. However, Ray is not one of those who readily concedes. Thus, he is caught up in the battle powerful forces,competing for the right to use for their own gain the fruits of engineering genius stim family, fight, where his father and grandfather are on opposite sides of the fence...

Images and photos of Steamboy

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