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Image for anime mult Spriggan

Year: 1998

Genre: shounen, fiction, adventures

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kawasaki Hirotsugu

Autor: Minagawa Ryoji

Studio: Studio C

Time: 90 min

Description of Spriggan

Before,disappearing forever, ancient civilization scattered around the world endowed with immense power of artifacts. Protecting this heritage against the encroachments of evil powers vested in our days to a secret organization " Arqam ", offers a detachment of elite - Sprigganov fighters. Sprigganov intervention is required afterthe expedition scientists accidentally discovered in the bowels of Mount Ararat... Noah`s Ark, a repository of artifacts. Found out about the discovery of the American military department is trying to assign the treasure and remove old print while launching the hunt for operatives known to them " Arqam." Young Spriggans named Yu, narrowly escaped after the attack,sent to Turkey to end the operation and the Pentagon to protect the Ark. Sprigganu necessary to operate a race with American militants - semi- cyborgs, real supermen who will stop at nothing in pursuit of his goal. It now depends on Yu fate of civilization.

Images and photos of Spriggan

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