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Space Pirate Captain Harlock

Image for anime mult Space Pirate Captain Harlock

Year: 1978

Genre: fiction, adventures, drama

Type: tv_series

Producer: Rintaro

Autor: Matsumoto Leiji

Studio: Toei Animation

Time: 21 min

Description of Space Pirate Captain Harlock

A screen adaptation of the classic manga Leydzi Matsumoto of the famous space pirate Captain Harlock and his crew of Battlestar "Arcadia." Sea Stars abhors flags. The test of time, only one has the right to fly the flag on its open spaces - " Freedom Flag " Jolly Roger. " You`ve heard of Captain Harlock and Emeraldas? I want to surf the Sea of Liberty as they are. I want to get a mechanical body and live forever... and explore the sea of??stars. Is this what it means to be a man? " - Tetsuro, G.E.999. Here is how these characters are seen from the earth, whenever anyone oppressed. (Earth is never free And if the aliens. -the people themselves are to blame.) Therefore do not run low number of people willing to stand under the flag of freedom. Those who did it become eternal exiles, free space and are not free to go home. Harlock very slim figure. Contrary to the popular image of the statue, standing at the helm and useful only utterance of the phrase " Arcadia,Go! " (This image of their appearance is required, mainly late experiments Matsumoto like Harlock Saga, where the character just could not pass). In the original series in `78, Harlock is revealed from an unexpected side. To my surprise, you can detect the absence of slowness as such. Instead, visible sadness,tired and old-fashioned. On his ship, surrounded by many of the kindergarten team (though in moments of danger working as one harmonious mechanism), he is still lonely as lonely and Mime, his most faithful companion. Exupery said, " Love - is when people do not look at each other, but when they look in the same direction."This is the case. They do without words and without passion. Mime playing the harp, Harlock is sitting at a table, reading a letter from the Earth, from the daughter of his late friend, he asked me not to take with them into space. Then he thinks, gets homemade flute, and they play a duet anthem sadness. Harlock and Mime -only two adults on board Arcadia character. (The others - children and Tadashi Daiba - eternal teenager). Friends know - in a moment of danger he would appear... and will even excessive response to any threat. On it all rely and look with hope - all the positive part of the universe Matsumoto. It is closed too much. But,Harlock himself - not Atlanta. The load of responsibility is heavy and sad. And no one else of his shift. Sometimes you can even feel that this character is very fragile. Harlock embodies all masculine. It is unlikely that he considers himself a good or evil - he has his own line.

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