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Space Dandy

Image for anime mult Space Dandy

Year: 2014

Genre: seinen, anthropomorphism, kosmoopera

Type: tv_series

Producer: Vatanabe Sinitiro

Autor: Hiromoto Sinichi

Studio: Bones

Time: 24 min

Description of Space Dandy

Dandy, just dandy - dude, dude, a womanizer and a conspicuous consumer, that is the coolest guy neighbor and at the same time and deep space! He is young, brutal,irresistible and always ready for adventure. Even Superman have to pay for the drinks, fill the ship and repair the ancient robot QT. Without transport and an assistant can not hunt for rare forms of intelligent life, and unknown species in the universe with less each year. Beau Hunter, of course, talented,but the lord of the gloomy Gogolskoy Empire believes that his personal enemy can do more! And while the dark forces cherish sinister plans, Dandy with a new partner named Meow (his real name is still impossible to utter) comb the galaxy in pursuit of Blue bird of luck. Try the world`s best ramen, calculate the monster-killerdefeat the zombies - nothing is impossible for a team of friends. The crew of the famous ship "Aloha Oe" - the last space romance, for theirs is a lofty goal. After all, if you do not spin - nothing to be gulnut a big favorite in the restaurant chain "Sis Key»!

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