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Souten Kouro

Image for anime mult Souten Kouro

Year: 2009

Genre: adventures, history

Type: tv_series

Producer: Ashida Toyoo

Autor: Li Hakin

Studio: Xebec

Time: 25 min

Description of Souten Kouro

Residents of the Far East know about the Chinese Three Kingdoms mainly because of the novel by Luo Guanzhong.The great novelist was biased - adored southern Cossack freemen in Shu kingdom, neutral attitude to their neighbors from the kingdom of Wu and fiercely hated the northern kingdom of Wei. With its supply of Cao Cao - Wei ruler - he appeared before the cruel descendants of seekers after power and the focus of all the vices, much like Cardinal Richelieu for Westerners.That`s just the facts speak otherwise. In times of chaos and the collapse of the young officer could impose order on tribal lands and gather around him outstanding people. He led a revolt against the tyranny of General Dong Zhuo, feasting in the capital, as in the conquered city, and saved the last prince of the Han Dynasty. Cao Cao founded the kingdom of Wei, he reins nomadssecured borders and paved the way for the reunification of China, which is carried out by his successors. The series tells the story of the Three Kingdoms of life through the prism of Cao Cao - an outstanding son of the ancient and cruel century. This is the story without embellishment - because without strength, hardness and cunning then any ruler would not have reached a week. Confucianism teachesthat important purpose - for what works "noble man ": for his own sake or for the sake of others, for fun or fulfilling the duty to the eternal Heaven? In this epic saga, we see many familiar characters in a new light, perhaps much closer to the historical truth!

Images and photos of Souten Kouro

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Anime road under the Sky (TV) (Souten Kouro) 2009 O
Anime road under the Sky (TV) (Souten Kouro) 2009 O