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Soul Hunter

Image for anime mult Soul Hunter

Year: 1999

Genre: fantasy, adventures, shounen

Type: tv_series

Producer: Nishimura Junji

Autor: Fujisaki Ryu

Studio: Studio Deen

Time: 24 min

Description of Soul Hunter

In the ancient Chinese Yin dynasty under the guise of people infiltrated demons, and because of this it fell into disrepair. The head of the custodians of the world, the so-called Immortals, decides to launch the project " Fishing for souls." Its purpose is catching souls of demons and imprisoned them forever.All that `s left is to find a volunteer who agrees to perform this Dirty Jobs. Why risk your life good Immortal, if you can send some worthless ninny? Taykobu skips lessons and magic asleep during meditation - he is the ideal candidate for the role of a collector of souls.To help him hand a magical animal Sibuksiang staff and wind. But to defeat the demons, it is not so simple. And because Taykobu, without hesitation, decides to assemble a team of brave soldiers and use them to destroy the main villain. It will be a long, dangerous and filled with the magic of travel.

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