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Sora no Oto

Image for anime mult Sora no Oto

Year: 2010

Genre: drama, seinen, daily

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kanbe Mamoru

Autor: Yoshino Hiroyuki

Studio: A Pictures Inc

Time: 25 min

Description of Sora no Oto

For years, the world shook War, and now, many countries, including the Republic of Helvetia, lie in ruins. Nevertheless, life goes on,and an orphan of the war years Kanata sors enters the army to fulfill his dream - to play the trumpet. Needless to say, the heroine has perfect pitch, naively simple character and tremendous dedication. Fate brings her to the mountain town of seiza, which protects the old clock fortress. That`s only the war ended,Now the garrison consists only of four cute girls, led by Captain Felicia Heidemann and Sergeant Rio Kazumi. Joining him, Kanata quickly realized that found a new family, which includes not only new friends on the service, but also almost all the locals. Not so simple in the mountainous region. Very soon, the friendship,Music, mysticism and ancient legends will give birth to a new exciting stories...

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