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Solty Rei

Image for anime mult Solty Rei

Year: 2005

Genre: drama, mechanism, adventures

Type: tv_series

Producer: Hiraike Yoshimasa

Autor: Kimura Noboru

Studio: Aic|gonzo Digimation

Time: 23 min

Description of Solty Rei

In a fairly distant future, mankind has fallen heavy global scourge: the discharge of the magnetic field of the planet has led to a massive explosion, resulting in a great number of people were killed or went missing, and even more left disabled. Huge demand for implants and replacements of lost limbs led to the flourishing of kibertroniki.In this area, especially the RUC succeeded Corporation, has developed a Resemble, a special technology that allows you to replace the electronics up to 60 % of the human body. Among the missing in a global catastrophe and was the only daughter of Roy Revanta earning a living catching criminals on the wanted list. Heavily experiencing loss,he head goes to work - desperately rushes to the notorious thugs, often cyborgs than gained fame as a madman, and feared her, and others. But once Roy literally dumped cute green-haired creature, which is destined to break the ice of his loneliness. However, firmly entered the life of a lone wolf,touching girl Solti brought with unsolvable puzzle - except that the girl did not remember anything about her past, her body is 100 % Resemble, that gives her in a moment of anger gigantic force. At Roy and Salt will solve this mystery...

Images and photos of Solty Rei

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Review Solty Rei Complete Series   1985, Is That You ..._25
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