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So, I Can`t Play H!

Image for anime mult So, I Can`t Play H!

Year: 2012

Genre: school, comedy, mysticism

Type: tv_series

Producer: Takahashi Takeo

Autor: Eguchi Natsumi

Studio: Feel

Time: 25 min

Description of So, I Can`t Play H!

As long ago it opened: history tells us about an ordinary Japanese schoolboy Koge Rёske, in whose veins the blood boils podrostka-pervert and a great admirer of the ladies`, his favorite phrase, and postulate the principles of life, " the girl should treasure! " That in itself is its special feature. This boy never thinks it shameful to help a strange girl, if she was in trouble. And one way home from school in the rain,He suddenly notices a mysterious stranger, who stood in the street, and weeping in the rain. As a true gentleman, he invites her to go to his house to dry off and get warm, of course hoping for some "gratitude" on her part, but once at home all plans fall apart boy " to the nines " because she was " Reaper "which is not to profit off of the energy of the human soul.

Images and photos of So, I Can`t Play H!

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