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Slayers: The Motion Picture

Image for anime mult Slayers: The Motion Picture

Year: 1995

Genre: adventures, comedy, shounen

Type: ova

Producer: Watanabe Hiroshi

Autor: Kanzaka Hajime

Studio: J C Staff

Time: 65 min

Description of Slayers: The Motion Picture

There are things that are better never do. For example, try to avenge Lina Inverse, especially if you are a bandit and managed to survive the first meeting with her. Seriously affected by the aforementioned Lina - a failed robbery attempt -Gopnik overage trio made??an unforgivable mistake by hiring its " Great rival " Naga the Serpent for the bloody showdown. The bloody showdown, however, ran out before he could properly begin - Lina, a long time without thinking, applied to the Naga fireball, after which she briefly described the current geopolitical situation. Learningits hired thugs (and realizing that nothing but harm, it is the continuation of the implementation of the contract will not get), Naga instantly turned 180 degrees and joined Lina. tickets to the hot springs have been found among the dispossessed, the poor romantics high road values. Is it possible to miss such an opportunity...?

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