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Slayers Gorgeous

Image for anime mult Slayers Gorgeous

Year: 1998

Genre: fantasy, adventures, comedy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Watanabe Hiroshi

Autor: Kanzaka Hajime

Studio: J C Staff

Time: 62 min

Description of Slayers Gorgeous

Lina and Naga in the kingdom Calvert prespokoynenko eat a sandwich, when suddenly...All people start fussing to go home. A minute later, on the street there is only one Surprised couple. First, on the quiet streets, but then heard thundering footsteps. The Dragon! Gee... Familiar Freese Bridd ends the matter. But this is only the trouble started. Although it is not in trouble, but more like a fun adventure,but still! King Calvert asked Lin to help him in battle against the... (who do you think?)... His daughter. Lina agrees, but only for the money. At the same time, Naga claimed the enemy camp. And then off we go.

Images and photos of Slayers Gorgeous

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Adorable Slayers Images from the anime Slayers Gor
Adorable Slayers Images from the anime Slayers Gor
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Adorable Slayers Images from the anime Slayers Gorg
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