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Slayers Excellent

Image for anime mult Slayers Excellent

Year: 1998

Genre: comedy, fantasy, adventures

Type: ova

Producer: Watanabe Takashi

Autor: Kanzaka Hajime

Studio: J C Staff

Time: 30 min

Description of Slayers Excellent

No, Lina Inverse in this life will definitely not eat in peace. As always, the most interesting place Naga itch burn tavern. And then Lina with her as payment for and has not eaten a meal, go to the local ruins,search for a group of village boys, and finding a vampire... and more money were all in the same tavern... Maybe even a bodyguard podzarabot? Conduct admiral`s daughter home - what could be easier? Yes anything, if my daughter would be harmful, spoiled and boastful copy Nagi. Plus, it runs for a mage - masochist. And,you need to save the world once again. All of humanity will soon imitate the Naga and its dyavolsky laughter sounds on the planet. The only one who can save humanity is Lina Inverse, half-mad specialist design the official form, its followers and their giant golemopodobnaya mobile fortress... And it is necessary,this time it will be decided without a dragonsleyva!.

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